Wii U / Wii Repairs

General Repairs

Includes: Missing/broken pieces, fan replacements, optical drive replacement, game discs not reading, power issues, etc.

Please contact for quote for specific repairs.
Wii U / Wii

Wii U Gamepad Screen Replacement

Replacement of faulty touch screen/digitizer or damaged LCD display.

Touchscreen Replacement: $65
LCD Replacement: $85
Replace Both: $105
Wii U Gamepad

Wii U / Wii Sensor Bar Cord

If your sensor bar cord is damaged, Wii remote movement won't register.

Repair: $10
Wii U sensor bar

Wii U / Wii Controller Cleaning

Complete disassembly and cleaning of any Wii U / Wii controller. Cleaning will usually eliminate sticky or non-responsive buttons.

Cleaning per Controller: $10
Wii controllers

Prices subject to change at any time without notice.